Welcome to House Mountain Partners, LLC

We are believers in the theory of Convergence. As the quality of life between East and West slowly merges due to technology, urbanization, and demographics, opportunities across numerous industries will rise which we can take advantage of. We aim to point out the strategic opportunities in the commodity space which arise from these themes.

    Throughout history, no society has sustained a higher quality of life without access to cheap commodities or materials. As global population increases, putting stresses on resource availability, efficiency and technology must come to the fore to continue to provide for a higher quality of life. The looming convergence of lifestyles between the emerging world and the developed world is a fact we must all understand and accept in order to chart a sustainable path forward for humanity.

We also co-publish a newsletter with Dr. Michael Berry called the Disruptive Discovery Journal. This is complimentary and is sent out typically once per week. You can subscribe at www.discoveryinvesting.com.